Tired of Paying high prices for a Website?
Tired of not being able to keep your website current?
Tired of feeling stupid when you call your webmaster to ask a question?
Tired of not being able to contact your webmaster?
Are you getting charged high prices because you want a single price changed on your website?
Does getting a bill from your webmaster make you feel like your in the wrong business?
Do you want your website updated but not sure you can afford it?
Do you need your website “Smartphone Friendly”?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you need to contact us now!
I designed Small Business websites to assist Small Businesses, Clubs, and other Organizations to get a website. Owning a website shouldn’t be expensive and you shouldn’t have to have a degree in web design to operate or order one. We let the customer do a majority of the work on their on so it helps to keep cost down. We will gladly assist in any portion you don’t feel comfortable with. Our thoughts are the more work you do the less we have to do so that keeps your cost down.
Can you take a photo?
Money Saved!
Can you write a short paragraph describing your company?
Money Saved!
Can you write down a list of the pages you want and what they should look like?
Money Saved!

You do the creative work and we will make it appear on your website the way you want it to look! Besides who knows better than you what you want your website to look like! Let us worry about all the things like URL code, S.E.O., Name Servers, Optimization, Responsive and all the other words that you’re not sure about. We will point you in the right direction and let you do as little or as much work as you want to do.

Want to “play” with a website and try to learn? We can even set you up with a small website so you can try to teach yourself! Customer satisfaction is our main goal! Add a little southern hospitality and courtesy and we will make you feel right at home!

We are starting to specialize in WordPress because of they way they link to Google(The world’s most popular search engine). Also by all the simple PLugins you can add things like a Google Translator or maybe a site cloner or how about a newsletter signup. WordPress is by far one of the most user friendly Blog, Website Design tools we have found. Sure you could design your own website with one of those “Build your own Website” hosting company’s but you and 20,000 other people might have the same website. You are very limited on changes and other things like Google Analytics, AdSense and a lot more!